I help women+ negotiate raises, elevate their careers, and become more effective leaders.

Executive Leadership and Negotiation Coaching 

Ready for your next big move but not sure how to position yourself for a promotion, articulate your unique service proposition, or negotiate a raise?

I offer one-on-one consulting and online courses to help you skyrocket your career goals with proven strategies and skill development. 


TED X Speaker. Award-Winning International Executive Leader. Podcaster.

Discover what it’s like to have an experienced mentor guiding you with custom career advice. Together, we’ll map your next move, prepare an interview strategy, identify career transitions, or design a negotiation strategy to land your dream compensation package. Available in single or multiple sessions with ongoing coaching packages available. 

Private Career Coaching and Mentorship

Confidently maneuver your next career move by transforming your negotiation skills to land the job, promotion, title, or raise you deserve.

In a step-by-step framework and proven process taught in an online course format, you’ll master compensation design, research and preparedness, career positioning, and communication skills that are critical to effective negotiation. 

The Negotiation Masterclass 

You’re an executive who aspires to lead high-performing team with the tools to navigate interpersonal conflict and uncomfortable team dynamics – and wants the roadmap to get there. I’ll help you to lay the foundations to become the authentic leader your team loves to work for, deepen your impact in the workplace, and stand out in your leadership team. 

Private Leadership Development Coaching 

Millennial Rising helps millennial women level up at work. From negotiating a raise to landing a new job, having tough conversations or getting a promotion, Millennial Rising will help you become the leader you’re meant to be.

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From the White House to the TEDx stage, I bring two decades of international business experience and community development to help women reach their highest career potential – and stay there. 

Through online coaching and courses, I guide women through career ascension by showing them how to articulate their value, position themselves for promotions, negotiate compensation, and learn how to command respect as leaders to make a bigger impact through their purpose and mission.

Global connector. Marketing and public affairs expert. Amplifier of women’s leadership. Community advocate. Speaker and podcaster. 

I'm Lindy. A passionate community builder and leadership strategist.

— Reese

"Lindy helped me navigate a crisis situation at work and come out the other side with grace. I am so grateful for her coaching."

Dynamic and Inspirational Speaker on Failure, Resilience, Leadership and Marketing + Public Affairs