It’s time to negotiate the raise you deserve.  Position yourself for a promotion. Land the job of your dreams... AND ignite your career ascension with a proven framework of negotiation and career positioning skills. 

A six-week online course to transform your negotiation skills and land the job, promotion, or raise you deserve.

The Negotiation Masterclass


  • You’re brilliant at what you do and know you deserve more - but feel wildly uncomfortable advocating for a raise

  • Your mid-level management experience has left you in the dark about what’s available in designing and negotiating senior-level leadership & compensation packages

  • You know a career move is on the horizon, but the prospect of negotiating at a new company is keeping you stuck

  • You’re not sure how to know what to ask for beyond a salary and what you’re leaving “on the table” - or what the 5 key elements to compensation even are 

  • You’ve never had a career mentor to help give you the language to navigate through tough conversations - never mind a negotiation.

  • You know you’ve accepted less than you deserve - but don’t know how to strengthen your argument for more

You're here because:

i'm here to help.

From the White House to the TEDx stage, I bring two decades of international business experience and community development to help women reach their highest career potential – and stay there. 

Through online coaching and courses, I guide women through career ascension by showing them how to articulate their value, position themselves for promotions, negotiate compensation, and learn how to command respect as leaders to make a bigger impact through their purpose and mission.

Global connector. Marketing and public affairs expert. Amplifier of women’s leadership. Community advocate. Speaker and podcaster. 

I'm Lindy. A passionate community builder and leadership strategist.

You need a proven negotiation strategy that gives you the courage to have the conversation and get what you want.

real talk: that dream compensation package isn't going to land in your lap.

The truth: most women aren’t taught negotiation and career positioning skills and don’t have access to mentors they can trust to help guide them.

- and when you’re left on your own, every move feels like a potential misstep. 

If any of this feels familiar, you’re in the right place.

I’ve mastered the art of negotiation through 20 years of hard-earned experience in global business markets: from negotiating equity in start-ups to maneuvering million dollar payouts, and mentoring hundreds of women along the way.

Here's the bad news:

You’re probably leaving money, benefits, and a better title on the table.

The good:

Negotiation is simply a skill to learn… and if you’re here, you’re likely an exceptional leader who’s no stranger to a challenge.

Now, I’m sharing what I know with you to help you get what you want at work in a step-by-step framework that demystifies how to know what to ask for, when, and how to get it. 

  • Excited at the prospect of initiating a conversation with your leader to talk about compensation, and knowing exactly how to articulate your unique attributes and measurable results. 

  • Optimistic and inspired to apply for the job of your dreams and negotiate a compensation package you’re proud of. 

  • Confident in your ability to advocate for yourself and communicate effectively in any negotiation process: online, or at the table. 

  • Valued by your employer and deeply aligned with your purpose with a clear career trajectory planned out. 

Imagine Feeling...

— Hannah P.

Lindy coached me through the process of advocating for, and securing a $15,000 raise in one meeting. 




+ Lifetime access to the Masterclass 
+ Compensation Overview and Salary Calculator
+ A Private Podcast Feed for Q&A  
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what's included

Six weeks of step-by-step videos, trainings, exercises and worksheets to help you design and draft your negotiation pathway to land your dream role,  package, or promotion.

The Negotiation Masterclass




I'm ready to go!


I'm ready to go!

Excited and prepared to highlight your value

Calculated and Strategic

Confident and in control 


Nervous to advocate for yourself

Emotional and intimidated

Anxious at the negotiation table

Go from...

The foundations of exceptional negotiation abilities will change your life and confidence.

I believe that...

"tips or tricks". These step-by-step trainings are rooted in practices that transform your skills.

I'm not about...

zero-fluff advice and deep strategy based on decades of experience 

I'm all about...

What Makes This Different From Everything You've Tried Before

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